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Ty Hulse, certified California & Oregon PCA/consultant has joined the Basin Fertilizer sales team working with growers throughout the Klamath Basin. Consulting on all crops, Ty specializes in grain production.

Corey Thompson has added additional sales territory -- replacing the recently retired James Baird -- servicing growers in Eastern Klamath County and Lake County.
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Basin Fertilizer’s roots go back to the fall of 1975 when Bob Gasser and Chris Moudry left Valley Nitrogen Producers to open the new business. Jim Shuck also joined as a partner after spending twenty years with Walker Ag in Merrill. With youthful exuberance and a firm desire to provide excellent service to the Basin farm community—Shuck, Gasser, and Moudry opened for business with two employees, a pull sprayer, and four anhydrous ammonia applicators on one acre of land purchased from Chevron Oil.

Growth was immediate as growers rewarded their community service, high degree of crop knowledge and field service.

Shuck retired from Basin Fertilizer in 1991, leaving Gasser and Moudry as co-owners.

In 2010, Basin Fertilizer employs 32 people; most average over eighteen years experience with the company. Vital to company prosperity, personnel are consulted about any new hiring, equipment and general operations since they are directly affected. Gasser and Moudry have a firm belief that one of the main reasons the business has been successful is because the work crew is intelligent, well-trained and motivated to provide superb customer service to its friends and neighbors in the basin.

In 1998, Basin Fertilizer became an owner/member of Integrated Agribusiness Professionals (IAP), a national alliance comprised of 36 like-minded independently owned crop input companies. IAP has proved very valuable to the company allowing access to exclusive products, assisting competitive pricing due to volume purchasing, providing ongoing continuing education opportunities and encouraging invaluable exchange of ideas and information.

During the last few crop seasons, Basin Fertilizer has been faced with a daunting challenge to survive along with all farmers and ranchers in the Klamath Basin. In 2001, the nearly quarter-million acre Klamath Irrigation Project was denied all access to their stored irrigation water by government agencies utilizing the Endangered Species Act in a misguided attempt to protect salmon and sucker fish.

Their actions severely compromised farming operations in the irrigation dependent Klamath Basin.

Moudry and Gasser, in conjunction with their spouses Linda Moudry and Patsy Gasser and the team at Basin Fertilizer, have taken a bold approach to fighting for the needs of the agricultural community. They have organized basin-wide educational events, developed multi-media presentations, and worked with organizations such as the Ag Retailers Association, Western Plant Health Association, and California Association of Pest Control Advisors (CAPCA) to build stronger relationships on Capitol Hill. The battle is far from won, but great progress has been made and the water was restored during the 2002 crop season.

Following the water crisis of 2001, California Plant Health Association awarded Basin Fertilizer its Harry J. Larsen Integrity Award. Chris Moudry received that honor again in 2008 from Western Plant Health Association. In 2003, Basin Fertilizer was named “Ag Retailer of the Year” by the national Ag Retailers Association.

After 35 years providing agronomic services to the Klamath Basin, our slogan “Service is Our Main Product” still sums up our commitment to our growers, our community and our industry.

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